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US&R Team Yankee 1 is a group of diverse individuals brought together by the Joplin EF-5 Tornado disaster. Hailing from as far away as Shanghai, China the team dedicated itself to assisting the authorities in the ground search and rescue/recovery operations in the rural and suburban disaster zone that was Joplin. This inspired us to continue seeking out ways to prepare ourselves for future disasters, so we could again help our neighbors when the next disaster strikes wherever they are.

Regardless of our professional careers we are volunteers who refused to be bystanders. Following the teams demobilization in Joplin we decided on our own to seek out more advanced training, proper equipment and to develop a code of standards and conduct to be better prepared to contribute to helping others.

We hope that over time US&R TEAM YANKEE 1 will grow into a recognized search and rescue asset sought out by disaster response officials whenever a major disaster strikes a populated area. We also hope our example will inspire others to get involved, get trained, get equipped and become effective guardians of their neighbors.